Let’s all die together.

Let’s all die together.


Taking a break from my hiatus to share the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. This includes all porn. Then again porn isn’t sexy so there’s nothing to compare to. Except other Furukawa videos. ()

Her expressions.. ()

FIC: Bright part 1 (Furuyanagi, AU)

Alternate universe. Recently felt like writing something because I’ve been so obsessive about work. AU because I’ve always wanted to write a Furuyanagi OL fic. This is from Churi’s pov, so it’ll probably end up angsty. Not beta-ed. From a sleep-deprived brain.


When I started work at this company, she caught my eye immediately. Furukawa-senpai, two years my senior, working in the department next to mine. We hadn’t been formally introduced, but after an incident involving a copier machine where she rescued my document from the roller, I noticed my gaze following her movements. She had not said her name, merely smiled, opened the front of the copier, rolling out the paper and grinning before handing it to me and heading off on her way again. That was our first encounter.

I only found out who she was when I overheard the male colleagues in my department speaking in hushed tones as she passed by in the corridor.

"Man, that Furukawa has nice legs."

"Isn’t it? Pity about the chest though. Even though she’s got such an erotic face.."

"I hear that she went out with Matsui from accounts last year. Trust that slick bastard to bag all the pretty ones.. They fall all over his suits."

"Really.. Is she currently dating anyone?"

"God knows. I haven’t heard anything since then, and Matsui’s too discreet to say anything about it."

"Reckon I’ve got a chance?"

"You?? Nah.. Now, Takayanagi, though.."

"Takayanagi? You’ve gotta be kidding me. She looks like a junior high student!"

"True, true.."

Tuning out, I returned to the rows of people’s names in front of me and tried to think of ways to sort out their particulars. It’s true, I do look a lot younger than my age. Older shop-keepers are always offering me sweets and getting into a bar has been close to impossible - even though I’m 23 this year. It’s a running joke among my friends and colleagues that they wouldn’t let me in even when I’m 40, but the office pantsuits have helped in that regard. Not that I’d date a guy like Matsumura anyway - he’s popular among the trainees and no one else, and is constantly fighting management. What a nightmare for the HR department.

I started work here after graduating from university last year, and although I get along with most of my female colleagues, the males have been.. a challenge. Mother keeps nagging me to get rid of my 5 pet birds and get a boyfriend instead, but given this selection, my manga and birds are probably a better bet for companionship. In any case, there’s no one that I’m interested in. My life consists of the morning train to work, ticking off the requisite 4 hours to lunch, an hour’s break listening to the gossip about bosses, inter-departmental dating and transfers and another 6 hours till the evening train back home for dinner. As a junior member in human resources, I am under no illusion that anything that I do is important. My best talent is working hard, achieving goals and not pissing anyone off. That’s probably the reason why I was earmarked for HR when the company recruited me.

In any case, it’s already 7pm, and time to pack up. Setting my desktop to power-saver, I drag my bag from the locker and head towards the door. “Thanks for all of your hard work!” I call, as I bow and leave to a chorus of the same. It’s been incredibly ordinary, and incredibly boring. Exactly what you’d expect out of life.

The lift dings, and I step in, nodding to acknowledge everyone in the crowded, claustrophobic box. She isn’t there today, probably working late again. There’s an audit due in two weeks, so it’s hell for finance again. I seldom see her at lunch either, I wonder if she brings a lunch box? - No, she doesn’t seem the type. She seems pretty social, the type who would be the center of attention in school or anywhere she goes. 

While I muse about Furukawa-senpai from the finance department, the lift slows and stops at the ground floor. I make a beeline for the revolving glass doors, and just spot her out of the corner of my eye, heading out of the conference room towards the elevators. Yeah, she looks tired. Poor lady. Audits are hard on everyone, but finance and accounts really have it the worst. Especially for such a prominent section leader like Furukawa-senpai, the responsibilities must be endless. To make section leader by the age of 24 though.. she must be incredibly competent.

I head to the train station, keeping my gaze low to avoid unnecessary conversation with anyone. It’s not really that I dislike people, it’s just that I feel awkward around them and get extremely shy outside of a professional environment. It’s another trait of mine that Mom has tried hard to fix, but failed. Oh well. Another day over, thank goodness. Two more days to the weekend.


We finally passed the audit. Talk about calamities and how it never rains but pours. The company retreat is coming up, and we get absolutely no choice in room mates. While I would be comfortable sharing with any female in the HR department, the company decided this year that to “promote inter-departmental relations”, we’re all to be split up according to alphabetical order. That means that I will probably get someone from another department as a room mate for three days, at an isolated hot spring resort with absolutely nothing to do. Talk about torture. As long as it’s not someone like Abiru from operations who never stops talking, though, it should be fine. Hopefully.

We arrived by the busload at the resort and stood around as we were sorted into our rooms as I quietly contemplated the remuneration rate that justified this kind of cruel and unusual punishment and tried to ignore the gnawing feeling of dread in my stomach.

"Uh- Takayanagi-san?"

I half-turned, and spotted Furukawa-senpai half-waving shyly, keys in hand. Oh.

"Ye-yes! Nice to meet you!" I stuttered, turning a bright shade of red. Of all the bars in the world..

"Ah, nice to meet you too. I’m Furukawa Airi, from finance." she smiled, offering her hand.

I limply take her hand, incredibly conscious of how my hands are freezing, my palms must be sweating and she must feel like she’s holding a frozen fish.

"Section leader Furukawa, I’m Takayanagi Akane from HR. I’ll be in your care." releasing her hand, I make a formal bow.

She grins, petting me on the head. “Don’t be so formal, it’s not even like we’re in the same department. Just call me Airin, all my friends do that.”

"I-I couldn’t possibly do that!" I shake my head vigorously.

"You’re definitely an interesting girl." She grins again, and grabs the frozen fish that is my hand again. "C’mon, let’s go check out this resort. Awesome that it’s on company expense, isn’t it? I’ve gotta thank Matsui-san for loosening the purse strings this year.." she trails off as she starts dragging me in the direction of the rooms.

Sigh. At least Furukawa-senpai doesn’t seem like the kind to molest me in my sleep, like Deguchi-senpai from international business was rumoured to do so. At least, I hope not..





Anonymous said: I actually find your honesty pretty refreshing. Do you mind me asking what caused you to be "fed up" though? (i.e. their fanbase, their actions, etc?) They're all not really girls I follow closely so I'm not sure about their situations.


Umm like I said, I won’t guarantee a full explanation, but since I want to get it off my chest I can give you the top of the list, Furukawa Airi.

It all started in the General Election for 2013. I see my oshimen unrank so I was already pretty mad about that. Not to mention the dominance of SKE members that ranked in an AKB event (I’m one of those who believe that sister groups should have their seperate events and that AKB should have their own secluded events).

I see as the ranks got higher and Furukawa Airi came up as #27. Pretty high up, in Undergirls, congratulations. The thing that ticked me off was her reaction. She didn’t simply walk up and took her ranking professionally. She started a whole party up on those stands. She jumped up and down and raised her arms and such. It may not seem like anything but more than a celebration, but to me, it was a huge “fuck you” to many people.

To further explain, she made a huge celebration right next to members who ranked lower or members who didn’t rank at all. So in my eyes it was like “fuck you guys I won”. It was like she was a huge sore winner. Members take their ranking, say thank you, and bow quietly for a reason. It’s to show respect for other members. Over a hundred members who ranked lower or didn’t rank, had to watch her give this huge celebration right next to them, even when this is an immensely emotion moment. She lacked the one human virtue I adore the most, respect.

So since then, I’ve always remembered it and Furukawa Airi’s personality has always lacked respect in my opinion. 

Let me translate this for everyone:

I don’t like the existing structure of 48 group because if it was only AKB48, my oshimen couldawouldashoulda ranked. As it is, because my oshimen didn’t rank I pick on a girl who reacted naturally to improving on her previous rank, because- well, if only she wasn’t around, my oshimen mightacouldawoulda ranked. I am upset that she reacted honestly and in a way that made her fans feel really happy, she should totally have pretended that it was no big deal to her and not shown appreciation for the other members’ joy for her either, so that the fans of the girls who didn’t rank (and are unable to feel happy for other people) would be joined in an empathetic dirge. IF ONLY SHE WAS CONSIDERATE ENOUGH TO NOT BE HONESTLY HAPPY ABOUT WHAT HER FANS ACHIEVED FOR HER.

Personal comments:

I don’t know what election you were watching because there were loads of AKB girls who celebrated as well, not just this year, but in previous years. The girls NEVER bow quietly and go offstage, and DEFINITELY not out of “respect” for the fans of other girls! What sort of delusional thinking is that? I am someone who has been around long enough to remember Mayuyu crying because she was upset that she didn’t rank up. THAT IMHO was completely disrespectful not only to her fans who put hundreds and thousands of dollars into voting for her, but to the girls who ranked below her.

I don’t know who your oshimen is, and don’t care, except to say good luck to her, having such imbecilic “fans”. Furukawa didn’t rank in 4 elections since joining. She only ranked in last year and this year’s election, and that was despite not being pushed like most other senbatsu/undergirls. Her jubilation (like most of the HKT/NMB girls’) is just that she made it that far, and a show of honest appreciation for her fans. As far as respect goes, she is one of the most respectful AND respected members both of SKE and in 48 group, for good reason. But you don’t know her and don’t care.. so whatever.

As for why I’m bothering.. It’s not really because this is about Airi. It’s more because I delight in recognising the achievements of individuals who make up God’s gift to the bell curve. Thanks for propping the rest of us up. It’s been a while since I’ve been so entertained by another’s rank stupidity.

That’s.. awsm. Casually creative and fun. Furukawawsm.

Furukawa Airi casually being herself »»»»»»» the world’s most ikemen ikemen

…as I predicted. RUN EGO-CHAN RUN! 

Oh God I just remembered that half of the Ego-chan protection team has graduated and the other has been transferred to AKB.

LOL thanks for the warning Kaotan. Watch out Ego-chan!
*edit: As I thought.

LOL thanks for the warning Kaotan. Watch out Ego-chan!

*edit: As I thought.

(゜∀。*) (T y To)っ゛

T’was a pity that they lost out in the final sprint to JR for the Aiaitalk competition… but this more than makes up for it. DAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ;A; They’re so beyond married.


2014-03-25 17:51:38




Or late in the day??


I’m so hungry


that my tummy is making noises and grumbling…


I shall


eat something. Yes, I’ll do that.




at the moment I’m lying on the bed (T/N: at 6pm?!) typing this blog.


And beside me is




who is going


clackclackclackclackclack on the 


computer keyboard right now.




The bird keychain that


Churi brought along is


looking over at me.




It’s looking like that.


Furukawa is kinda bad with birds.


Recently they’ve started looking cute.


Ah, but the birds that I mentioned aren’t Churi, okay?←


Ah, Churi’s clackclackclack on the computer has


changed into the sound of mouseclicks.




And so,


I am sharing a hotel room with Churi.


This was a blog only about that.




It’s fun isn’t it lol


Airin (゜∀。*)

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Here we go, genius courtesy of my TL. Furukawa wotas are just awesome. ;A;

Photo introduction to KII’s new captain

I wanted to do it as a photo set but the photoset function seems not to resize properly so..

THIS is KII’s new captain.


…an incredible ikemen.


… support to the last captain.




…has huge dreams.


… willing to go to different places.


..has a sense of wonder at the world.


..a great artist.


…adorable when shy.


…worshiped by some.


…attacked by others.



… herself always on the attack.


…always on the go.


…highly expressive of her feelings.


… a tease.


…makes a good horse.


…makes a good horse (2).


…flies beautifully.





…enjoys the company of other members.


Please take care of her.