You might’ve heard by now… but more than 1000 people (by 7:20am) lined up to buy the limited edition Matsumurabu single overnight in the Nagoya Dome parking lot despite heavy rain, low temperatures and strong wind. In return… they get the biggest troll single ever.

On top of her performing it in an outfit made of newspaper, the producer being Sasshi, the PV, the TV commercial where they were supposed to announce the sale date but ran out of footage, the subsequent g+ announcement and various other dramas at the handshake event yesterday…

The sale was supposed to start at 8am but was delayed until around 9am because SKE management was completely incompetent. Kaotan herself had to help set up the tent. But when it was done… Kaotan appeared in her (usual) tracksuit and spoke to everyone with a megaphone… and broke into tears of joy LOL. She also announced this morning that to “reduce the financial burden” on her fans, she would be giving 50 yen (equivalent to about 50 cents) cash back (original CD price is 1050 yen). Out of her own pocket.

CD cover: parodies Oogoe Diamond. She personally signed every single CD with the name of the buyer.. which obviously prevents re-sale LOL (on top of being awesome fanservice)

CD back: parodies Heavy Rotation

This… seriously. This is the biggest troll single that ever existed. Congratulations Kao-tan.

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    Sashi you got competition for biggest troll.
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    This is why we love her.
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    Dude. Kaotan’s such a baller.
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